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DIRECTV is Lincoln, Nebraska’s ticket to paradise

The world is operating at a faster pace and life in Lincoln, NE, is no exception. Your car needs an oil change, the in-laws are calling, the trash needs to be taken out, the kids need dinner and you have an important deadline tomorrow at work. It’s unfortunate that so many of life’s blessings come with a daunting pile of responsibilities. Sometimes, despite being grateful that you’re employed and have a beautiful family, you just want to escape from it all. While you would never give up your kids and Nebraska home, we all need a vacation from time to time. Sadly tight schedules rarely allow exotic getaways.

With DIRECTV, Lincoln citizens can afford a momentary escape. DIRECTV® satellite packages are your ticket out of Nebraska, if only for an hour or two. After a long day at work or a full week of driving the kids to and from soccer practice, all you have to do is change into your favorite sweatpants and curl up in your favorite chair. Soon, you’ll be dodging taxis in Manhattan or sampling fresh pastries in Paris. You can even take things out of the city and go spelunking down some of the world’s deepest caves or paddle down the Amazon River.

Bring the entire family along for a great entertainment experience

Everybody loves a little “me time,” but with DIRECTV, you don’t have to pay extra airfare to have the rest of your household join your satellite television getaway. Even the most basic DIRECTV packages come with a satellite channel lineup that will satisfy the whole family. Slide over on the couch and give your spouse and kids some room because all of you can take part in the journey of a lifetime. Head over to Nickelodeon® if you feel like hanging out in a pineapple under the sea. If you’re looking to spend some quality time with nature, tune in to Discovery Channel™ or National Geographic Channel. Plus, anyone in Nebraska craving some furry, scaly or feathered companionship will delight in the programming on Animal Planet.™


Put off doing all those loads of dirty laundry. Order a pizza, pop some popcorn and settle in for a family night to remember with DIRECTV. You don’t have to dedicate an entire evening to unwind with DIRECTV, either. When you add DVR service to your account in Lincoln, you’ll have the ability to control your television schedule.


If it’s starting to sound like the DIRECTV possibilities are endless, then you’re on the right track. DIRECTV packages are customizable so you can pick and choose the features that satisfy your entertainment needs and your budget. Debunk the myth that quality home entertainment has to be expensive, because with DIRECTV, satellite packages are never too good to be true. Discover the possibilities for yourself by calling a representative today. In practically no time at all, you’ll be experiencing all that DIRECTV has to offer your home in Lincoln.

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